5 Tips for Selecting the Best Canadian Immigration Lawyer

Melissa Chan 2016-11-20 14:00:00

Canada was built on immigrants, and you will further contribute to the nation's success.

The Canadian government is working to increase the number of immigrants it accepts every year. This means that this is your opportunity to immigrate to the Great White North, and enjoy many of our customs and values: Tim Hortons, hockey and, most important of all, freedom.

If all you have ever wanted was to immigrate to Canada, then you must take the crucial step of hiring the best Canadian immigration lawyer you can find. There are many immigration lawyers in Canada, including the Toronto-based immigration law firm Bellissimo Law Group. This legal professional should understand the intricacies behind Canadian immigration law, the extensive paperwork that is necessary to complete and an array of documentation that you will need to provide.

Sometimes it can be really difficult to find the right attorney - you have probably heard of some of othe horror stories. What this just means is that you need to take extra precaution and research.

Here are five tips for selecting the best Canadian immigration lawyer:

Take Full Advantage of the Consultation

For the most part, immigration attorneys charge fees for a consultation. It can range from $100 to $1,000; it all depends on the lawyer and your needs. So be ready for this fee.

Now that the pecuniary matters are out of the way, you must know to take full advantage of the consultation. Whether you are afforded 15 minutes or 90 minutes, you have to maximize your time by asking plenty of questions, receiving plenty of answers and requesting plenty of information about Canada's immigration laws and what is needed from you.

Moreover, your consultation can also provide you insight pertaining to the efficacy of the lawyer in question. You can determine whether or not they are a good fit for your case.

Avoid Using the Jack of All Trades Lawyer

You may be impressed by an attorney who specializes in an array of fields: immigration, corporate and criminal. However, the Jack of All Trades lawyer can be a dangerous option.

Since your immigration case is special to you, you want a professional who concentrates all of his efforts on immigration law, and not tapping into other types of legal practices. The more experience they have in immigration the better it is for you and your chances of being accepted.

Know the Fees; Don't Bargain Hunt

Prior to sitting down with the immigration attorney, you should know the fees and various charges that you will encounter during this experience. At the same time, you should never bargain hunt. You should refrain from going for a lawyer with the lowest fees, but you shouldn't hire an attorney with the highest fees. It's all about their credentials, experience and if they fit your needs and wants.

Remember, a Canadian immigration lawyer is an investment to entering one of the greatest nations on Earth.

Are They Tech-Savvy Attorneys?

The immigration process has gone digital with a lot of the paperwork completed by a computer and online.

With that being said, you will want an immigration lawyer who will be acquainted and familiar with technology. It's 2016 so you have to have an attorney who has an office equipped with technology. If not then it could hinder your odds of having your application approved.

Don't Believe the Grandiose Promises

There is an old adage in this part of the world: if it is too good to be true then it probably is.

If you are speaking with an immigration lawyer and he is making an array of grandiose promises – you are guaranteed to be accepted, the process will only take a month or two and you will receive government benefits – then it is best to look somewhere else for someone who isn't filled with hot air and empty promises.

This is your life at stake. You need some honesty, integrity and hard work.

Canada has always been a welcoming and accepting country for immigrants. Every single one of us have some sort of direct connection to immigration, whether it's our parents or cousins.

According to the CBC, the Canadian government wants to take in more immigrants. However, the paperwork can still be arduous and rigorous to complete. Government paperwork is never simple! By taking on an experienced and astute immigration lawyer, your case will be left in good hands.

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